Executive Board Elections

Make Your Voice Heard - 2017-2018 SGA Spring Elections

April 2 - 4, 2018
The Election Results will be announced on April 5th.

What is on the Election Ballot?

  • SGA Executive Board
    • The Student Government Association Executive Board is comprised of student leaders from different areas of campus. This ballot will give you the opportunity to elect those students representing you for the 2017-2018 academic year.
      • Elected Members
        • President
        • Vice President for Administration
        • Vice President for Student Activities and Chair of the Student Activities Council
        • Treasurer
        • Secretary
      • Appointed Members
        • Chief of Staff
        • Rules & Regulations Committee Chair
        • Residence Life Committee Chair
        • Commuter Life Committee Chair

Voting Eligibility

All currently enrolled students are eligible to vote in the elections. Only one ballot per Reinhardt student will be counted.

Voting Instructions

Students have two options regarding casting their vote, either online or at a voting station.

  • Online Voting
    • A campus-wide email will be sent to each student’s Reinhardt email address with a link to the election ballot as well as their individual access code. To cast your vote log-in to your Reinhardt email account, open the SGA Election Email, click the link.
  • Voting Stations
    • Voting stations will be set-up around campus at specific times. To cast your vote at a voting station to complete the election ballot.

For more information

Student Government Association Office
Hasty Student Life Center, Room 310