Book Vouchers

Student Book Voucher Policy and Procedure

1. Students must first secure a copy of their schedule on Eagleweb or from the Office of the Registrar.

2. If a credit balance will occur on the account, and the student meets the requirements for a book voucher, the student must secure a book voucher form at the Business Office.  Book vouchers can only be obtained at the Business Office.

  • Only one book voucher per student per semester
  • Book vouchers will be given out one week prior to the first day of class and continue through the second week of classes.
  • No book vouchers will be given after the second week of class.  Students must purchase all required books at the beginning of the semester.

NOTE: "Beginning of the semester" only applies to the beginning of full session fall and full session spring semester. All session I and II books should be included on the book voucher at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

3. After receiving a book voucher, the student must take the approved form and his or her class schedule to the campus bookstore.     

4. The bookstore personnel will complete the book voucher form by recording a detailed description of the entire transaction. A student will ONLY receive books for the amount approved by the Business Office.  The bookstore will submit the completed forms to the Business Office.  The Business Office will post book charges to the student's account. 

5. No student is allowed to purchase books for another student.

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