Spring 2020 Refunds

Spring 2020 Partial Room and Board Refund Options

Reinhardt University will be issuing prorated room and board refunds to students who elected to move off campus. Refunds are for the period April 3, 2020, the date Gov. Brian Kemp issued the Shelter in Place Executive Order, through May 1, 2020, thlast day to check out of residence halls. The process for issuing refunds for room and board will begin the week of May 18. 


Students eligible for a partial room and board refund will be notified via email from businessoffice@reinhardt.edu. These e-mails will only be sent to eligible students’ Reinhardt e-mail addresses and will include a link to the simple online form. The form MUST be completed and submitted by an eligible student for them to receive funding. Students must verify their permanent address in EagleWeb is current.


It is very important that eligible students confirm their current address in EagleWeb prior to submitting their online form for partial room and board refund.  

Once a student has been determined eligible for a room and board refund, it will first be applied to the student’s account if there is an outstanding balance. Any credit remaining after an outstanding balance is paid will be dispersed via a paper check and sent by U.S. Mail to the student’s permanent residence address on file with Reinhardt University. Those students who do not have a balance will receive a paper check via U.S. Mail to the student’s permanent address on file. 


Reinhardt University has received inquiries about refunds, including families who have expressed a desire to donate their refunds to Reinhardt’s Annual Fund, which helps fund institutional scholarships. Because of these inquiries, we have included an option to donate your refund to the Annual Fund. Donations are tax-deductible. Students will be able to indicate on the required form sent to them from businessoffice@reinhardt.edu how they would like their partial room and board refund to be dispersed.  

* Students who remained on campus or who received a scholarship for room and board are not eligible for a refund. 


** If a third party paid for a student’s room and board, it is up to the student to determine what amount of the refund should be returned to the third party. 


*** If a student used 529 funds for room and board, student needs to communicate with his/her 529 provider to determine how refund dollars should be handled. There may be tax implications or deadlines associated with a 529 account.  

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