Career Coaching

Gain Personalized Attention through Career Coaching

Whether you are exploring major or career options, preparing a resume or job searching, our career coaches customize appointments to meet your priorities. Coaching is action-oriented and empowers participants to set short-term action steps to work toward long-term career goals.


What is Career Coaching?

  • Helps you access the tools, knowledge and opportunities you need to create your own career plans
  • Empowers you to use your strengths, resources and passion in finding solutions to your career concerns
  • Bridges the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Actively engages you in a goal-oriented and future-focused process
  • Allows you to define your career goals


Do you have questions about your career development?

No matter if exploring your career options, help with the job search or gaining experience, the Career Coaches within Vocation & Career Services are here to help! Career Coaching is available to all students throughout your time on-campus, continuing through graduation and beyond.

Career Coaching is a 6-month commitment, where you will meet once per month with your Career Coach.

  • Career Conversations

    • What are my career goals and aspirations?
    • How do my skills, knowledge and motivations match up?
    • What current opportunities will help me achieve these goals?

  • Getting the Interview

    • How do I use my resume to tell my story?
    • How do I use my network to assist in the search?
    • How do I customize my cover letter to make a connection?

  • Interview Preparation

    • I got an interview – now what?
    • What do I know about the company and their products or services?
    • First-impressions – How do I show up?
    • How do I control the interview?
    • How do I tell my story?
    • How do I ask insightful questions?
    • How do I follow up after the interview?

  • Decision Time

    • I have multiple offers – which one is the right one?
    • How do I evaluate short-term and long-term opportunities?
    • How does the company and the offer match my career aspirations?

  • The Career Begins

    • I made a decision – now what?
    • How do I develop a 90-day plan?
    • How do I create an internal network?
    • How do I develop mentors and advocates?


How to meet with your Career Coach?

Your Career Coach will schedule a 30-minute career coaching appointment each month to offer time to discuss any career-related questions. Career Coaches are available for appointments in person as well as virtually (via Teams or Zoom) or by phone.


How to participate in Career Coaching?

Click Here to apply here to participate in Career Coaching. Once your application is received the Career Coach will reach out to schedule your appointments.


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