MyInterview Practice through RUWorks

Reinhardt University has partnered with to allow our students to practice full-length interviews in an actual interview setting with the click of a button.

This Interview Simulation provides curated questions that are specific to your field of study, while the webcam records your responses.

Once you select the position and type of interview you want to take, the Interview Simulator will formulate an interview script for you.

As you are progressing through the interview, questions appear on the screen with a set amount of time for you to respond. For example, if the first question is, “Tell me about yourself,” you’ll have 10 seconds to respond after the question appears on the screen. Then the webcam and microphone will automatically start recording.

This style of mock interview applies pressure to replicate what an actual interview would feel like. Once you’re finished with an interview, a recording is shared with you privately on your Dashboard so you can see how you did

How to Access MyInterviewPractice

1. Visit

2. Complete the registration form on the right hand side of the page. You MUST use your university email  ( for the system to recognize them.

3. You will be sent a verification link to that email address. Once you open the email and click the link provided you will have full access to the tool.

You can take full interviews and then review the interview recordings. If you feel comfortable you can share you recordings with anyone for feedback.

  1. Click on Interview by Industry by clicking Choose Industry
  2. Select Job Position
  3. Select Experience Level and Length of Interview
  4. Select Type of Questions
  5. Select Practice Mode, then Next
  6. Select Get Started with Video
  7. Select Start Interview Simulator

To review a previously recorded interview - select review interviews.


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