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#FacultyFriday: Dr. Irma Santoro inspires students with love of science

By Jordan Beach  Many departments on campus provide students with enriching educational experiences while receiving their undergraduate degree, and Dr. Irma Santoro understands the importance of those types of opportunities.  During her undergraduate, Santoro originally wanted to pursue the medical field. Her microbiology and genetics professor Dr. Valerie Flechtner influenced her the most, acting as her research mentor and providing the chance for Santoro to conduct her undergraduate research project…

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#FacultyFriday: Dr. Chip Campbell offers connections to the business world

By Jordan Beach  The impact Chip Campbell makes with students at Reinhardt University is already evident, and it’s only his first year as assistant professor of business.  Campbell started teaching marketing and communication with the McCamish School of Business and Sport Studies, and his experience proves his qualifications to educate business students in a practical way.…

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#FacultyFriday: Dr. Elizabeth Smith shares passion of math and agriculture

When strangers learn that Dr. Elizabeth Smith lives on a farm with dairy goats, free range chickens, a horse, a pig, three cats, three dogs, a donkey and 200,000 bees, their reactions are usually positive—especially when the goats make an appearance on campus.  Smith is passionate about raising animals with her husband, Eddie, and her…

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Faculty Friday: Tim Furnish explores the Middle East and Middle-earth

Dr. Timothy Furnish has an unexpected combination of interests, from Islamic eschatology (End Times beliefs) to military history of Middle-earth (the fictional world of “Lord of the Rings”), even semi-professional acting. Furnish, a U.S. Army veteran and adjunct history professor at Reinhardt, earned a Ph.D. in Islamic history from Ohio State in 2001. He has…

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