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#FacultyFriday: Dr. Chip Campbell offers connections to the business world

By Jordan Beach  The impact Chip Campbell makes with students at Reinhardt University is already evident, and it’s only his first year as assistant professor of business.  Campbell started teaching marketing and communication with the McCamish School of Business and Sport Studies, and his experience proves his qualifications to educate business students in a practical way.…

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Faculty Friday: Brian Osborne

By Jessica Fanczi Although assistant professor Brian Osborne has been teaching Reinhardt students about theatre since 2015, he still learns something new every time he watches a performance. Osborne, who earned a master’s degree in voice performance from Florida State University and a master’s degree in collaborative piano from the University of Tennessee, has teaching…

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Faculty Friday: Tim Furnish explores the Middle East and Middle-earth

Dr. Timothy Furnish has an unexpected combination of interests, from Islamic eschatology (End Times beliefs) to military history of Middle-earth (the fictional world of “Lord of the Rings”), even semi-professional acting. Furnish, a U.S. Army veteran and adjunct history professor at Reinhardt, earned a Ph.D. in Islamic history from Ohio State in 2001. He has…

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#FacultyFriday: Michelle Harlow shares travel experiences

Associate professor of English Michelle Harlow, who has taught at Reinhardt since 1989, knows the impact traveling has made on her own life. She now makes it a point to incorporate lessons from her global experiences into the classroom.  “I’ve always had the desire to go to new places and try new things,” said Harlow,…

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#FacultyFriday: Dr. David Moore, Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. David Moore brought his passion for Physics and Astronomy to Reinhardt University in 2004 and has been inspiring students to look up at the stars ever since. Moore was in the United States Marine Corps from 1959-1962 and was honorably discharged with the rank of Corporal (E-4). He married his high school sweetheart upon…

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#FacultyFriday: Dr. Rebecca Salter teaches dedication to music

Dr. Rebecca Salter knows how important individualized instruction is, which is why she prepares for hour-long, one-on-one applied voice sessions for her students. Crafting each voice lesson to fit each student keeps her on her toes and, she reports, “requires intense focus from both the student and teacher.” A key component of that individualized attention…

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