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Biology Concentrations Programs at Reinhardt University

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Reinhardt University provides a diverse array of biology concentrations tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of aspiring professionals in various healthcare and scientific fields. These concentrations offer specialized tracks within the broader discipline of biology, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for success in their chosen career paths.

Biology Concentrations Currently Offered to Reinhardt University students:


The pre-dental concentration at Reinhardt University prepares students for entry into dental school. Through rigorous coursework in biology, chemistry, and related fields, students gain a strong foundation in the sciences while also developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and laboratory skills essential for dental practice.


Students pursuing the pre-pharmacy concentration focus on coursework that aligns with the prerequisites for pharmacy school. They study foundational concepts in biology, chemistry, and pharmacology, gaining an understanding of drug interactions, pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutical care practices.


The pre-veterinary concentration is designed for students aspiring to become veterinarians. Through a curriculum emphasizing animal biology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology, students acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary for apply to veterinary school and success in the field of veterinary medicine.

Pre-Physical Therapy

Students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy can opt for the pre-physical therapy concentration. This track provides a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology, preparing students for further study in physical therapy programs and eventual practice as physical therapists.

Pre-Field Biology

The pre-field biology concentration offers a more flexible pathway for students interested in careers outside of traditional healthcare professions. This concentration allows students to explore various sub-disciplines within biology, such as ecology, conservation biology, and environmental science, preparing them for roles in research, education, environmental management, or further study in specialized fields.

Biology Concentration Classes You May Take:

  • BIO 220 Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab)
  • BIO 222 Anatomy and Physiology II (with lab)
  • BIO 230 Pathophysiology
  • BIO 312 Taxonomy of Vascular Plants (with lab)
  • BIO 308 Invertebrate Biology (with lab)
  • BIO 310 Vertebrate Zoology (with lab)
  • BIO 340 Cell Biology and Physiology (with lab)
  • BIO 406 Evolutionary Biology (with lab)
  • BIO 410 Immunobiology (with lab)
  • BIO 420 Aquatic Zoology (with lab)
  • BIO 432 Limnology (with lab)
  • BIO 440 Biochemistry
  • BIO 450 Thesis Project
  • BIO 460 Behavioral Endocrinology (with lab)
  • BIO 299 OR 499 Independent Study
  • BIO 490 Internship in Biology
  • BIO 491 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • MAT 250 Computer Programing
  • MAT 321 Calculus II or higher
  • PCS 122 College Physics II (with lab)

Overall, Reinhardt University’s biology concentrations provide students with a solid academic foundation, hands-on learning experiences, and personalized guidance to pursue their career goals in dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or diverse fields within biology and environmental science. Through a combination of classroom instruction, laboratory work, internships, and research opportunities, students develop the expertise and professionalism needed to excel in their chosen fields and make meaningful contributions to society.

Biology Concentration Programs Details

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