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History Programs at Reinhardt University

College of Humanities, Sciences, and Technology
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The Bachelor of Arts in History prepares students to examine the decisions and actions of individuals and groups in a variety of cultures and historical eras and to develop skill in close reading and in evaluating competing interpretations of history. It offers students opportunities to express, in writing and in speech, their understanding of historical developments.

This degree trains students to think analytically, to assess evidence and encourages understanding of diverse religious, social and political groups. The major in history is not aimed primarily at producing professional historians; rather, the major is aimed at training individuals who can critically evaluate the individuals, events, and movements of the past and present. As students dig into historical sources, they will learn about the people, events, and forces that have shaped our world.

The study of the human past can work as a powerful tool to explain the human present. It is only in studying who we were that we can discover who we are. Such knowledge is essential to good citizenship. 

Studying History at Reinhardt University is bolstered by our on-campus museum, the Funk Heritage Center, Georgia’s Official Frontier and Southeastern Indian Interpretive Center.  With exhibits, guest speakers, and the Appalachian Village settlement, students get hands-on experience bringing the past to life for the public.

History Minor

The minor in History allows students to feed their curiosity about the past and hone their analytical skills while pursuing a different major. In order to complete the Minor in History, a student must pass, with a C or better, four courses in History at the 300 or 400 level. These courses are in addition to any History courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the General Education Core.

Western and American History

Select up to three:

  • HIS 300 History of Christianity
  • HIS 302 Ancient Civilizations
  • HIS 305 Medieval Europe
  • HIS 306 Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIS 310 Taste and Tumult: Europe in the Eighteenth Century
  • HIS 320 Nineteenth-Century Europe
  • HIS 323 History of Ireland
  • HIS 324 Europe in the Twentieth Century
  • HIS 328 Modern Germany
  • HIS 338 History of Science
  • HIS 350 Colonial and Revolutionary America
  • HIS 354 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIS 356 America from 1900-1945
  • HIS 358 America since 1945
  • HIS 360 History of American Business
  • HIS 362 Public History
  • HIS 372 American South
  • HIS 374 History of Georgia
  • HIS 377 American Feminism
  • HIS 380 Religion in America
  • HIS 392 Children and Childhood
  • HIS 498 Special Topics in Western or American History

Non-Western History

Select one or more:

  • HIS 312 History of Judaism and Islam
  • HIS 334 History of Eastern Europe
  • HIS 340 History and Religion of South Asia
  • HIS 342 History of East Asia
  • HIS 346 History of Africa
  • HIS 347 History of Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 348 History of Modern Latin America
  • HIS 370 History of Native Americans
  • HIS 390 Topics in Women’s History
  • HIS 498 Special Topics in Non-Western History

Note: A student may not take all four courses with the same professor. A student may count only one History 498 toward fulfilling the requirements for a minor in History.

What You’ll Learn at RU

Our faculty members are specialists in their fields. Students get not only professorial expertise, but read fascinating books, watch documentaries, and interrogate primary documents—the raw material of history—in a search for understanding and meaning.

The faculty of Reinhardt University desire that all students in history demonstrate:

  • use of evidence, logic, and reasoning as they think historically about the past;
  • knowledge of human history in various times and places;
  • effective written and oral expression of ideas;
  • methodological competence using libraries and appropriate information technologies;
  • moral reasoning abilities as they seek what is good, beautiful, and true.

History Classes You’ll Take

You will revel in the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses, including

  • Renaissance and Reformation
  • Civil War & Reconstruction
  • History of Africa
  • The Holocaust
  • American Feminism
  • Vikings

Careers in History


Average salary for historians as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Expected career growth rate for historians as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Possible Careers

A Bachelor of Arts in History degree from Reinhardt University can open doors to various career paths such as:

  • Historian
  • Archivist
  • Museum Curator
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Researcher
  • Writer/Editor
  • Librarian
  • Historical Consultant
  • Heritage Manager
  • Genealogist
  • Cultural Resource Manager
  • Historic Preservationist
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • Tour Guide/Historic Site Interpreter
  • Government Analyst
  • Policy Advisor
  • Journalist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Non-profit Administrator
  • Corporate Historian

“The history program at Reinhardt University has been formative in both my personal and professional life. The skills I gained in writing, critical thinking, and identifying strong, credible source materials have been essential as I navigate the world around me. My professors were accessible for one-on-one guidance and supported projects outside the scope of the normal course curriculum.”

Madeline (Gray) Lara, History, Class of 2019, Cumming, Georgia

History Program Details

Tuition and Fees

Reinhardt’s affordable tuition helps you get the personal attention and real-world experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the history job market.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly all students at Reinhardt University receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. Find out what options you may be eligible for.

Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations and activities round out the total educational program at Reinhardt University. And there is something for everyone, from sports and outdoor recreation, to student government and leadership opportunities, to multicultural and faith-based groups.

Campus Living

Living on campus is an essential part of the college experience and will help you adjust to college life. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with faculty and friends, get involved in activities, and have easy access to classes, the library, performing arts, recreational, and athletic facilities.