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International Studies Programs at Reinhardt University

College of Humanities, Sciences, and Technology
Minor | On Campus

Welcome to Reinhardt University’s International Studies minor, where students embark on a journey of exploration into the intricacies of global affairs, cultures, and diplomacy. In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding international relations, cross-cultural communication, and global dynamics is more crucial than ever.

International Studies Minor Classes

To obtain an International Studies minor, a student must complete any four of the courses listed below or any course approved by the Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator or the Dean of the College of Humanities, Sciences, and Technology, with a C or better. No more than one course may be at the 200-level, and courses chosen must represent at least two different disciplines. These courses are in addition to any courses taken to fulfill the requirements of the General Education Core or the student’s major.

  • COM 360 Intercultural Communication
  • COM 498 Special Topics (e.g. Media and Globalization, World Cinema)
  • FRE 301 Practical Conversation
  • FRE 302 Grammar and Composition
  • FRE 320 Introduction to France and la Francophonie I
  • FRE 321 Introduction to France and la Francophonie II
  • FRE 499 Independent Study in French
  • HIS 210 World Geography
  • HIS 312/REL 312 Religion and History of Judaism and Islam
  • HIS 324 Europe in the Twentieth Century
  • HIS 328 History of Germany
  • HIS 334 History of Eastern Europe
  • HIS 340/REL 340 History and Religion of South Asia
  • HIS 342 History of East Asia
  • HIS 346 History of Africa
  • HIS 347 History of Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 348 History of Modern Latin America
  • HIS 370 History of Native Americans
  • POL 301 International Politics
  • POL 311 Comparative Politics
  • REL 308 World Christianity
  • SPA 301 Practical Conversation
  • SPA 302 Spanish Composition
  • SPA 310 Spanish for Business
  • SPA 315 Survey of Spanish Linguistics
  • SPA 320 Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature
  • SPA 321 Survey of Spanish-American Literature
  • SPA 325 Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • SPA 326 Spanish-American Civilization and Culture
  • SPA 490 Senior Capstone
  • SPA 498 Special Topics in Spanish
  • SPA 499 Independent Study in Spanish


International Studies Minor Program Details

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Reinhardt’s affordable tuition helps you get the personal attention and real-world experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly all students at Reinhardt University receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. Find out what options you may be eligible for.

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Student organizations and activities round out the total educational program at Reinhardt University. And there is something for everyone, from sports and outdoor recreation, to student government and leadership opportunities, to multicultural and faith-based groups.

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Living on campus is an essential part of the college experience and will help you adjust to college life. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with faculty and friends, get involved in activities, and have easy access to classes, the library, performing arts, recreational, and athletic facilities.