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Math Education Programs at Reinhardt University

Price School of Education
Bachelor | On Campus

Welcome to the gateway of numerical wonders and the heart of mathematical enlightenment! Reinhardt University proudly presents its Bachelor of Science in Math Education program, where the beauty of numbers meets the art of teaching.

In this program, we don’t just solve equations – we ignite a passion for mathematical exploration and equip future educators with the tools to inspire the next generation of problem solvers. Our curriculum is a testament to the power of mathematical thinking, designed to cultivate critical reasoning, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

With a blend of theory and practical application, our students embark on a transformative journey, delving into the intricacies of algebra, geometry, calculus, and beyond. Through interactive classroom experiences, hands-on teaching practicums, and innovative pedagogical techniques, they hone their ability to communicate complex mathematical ideas with clarity and enthusiasm.

Join us at Reinhardt University as we unlock the mysteries of mathematics, nurture a love for learning, and empower future generations to embrace the beauty and power of numbers. Together, let’s pave the way for a world where mathematical literacy thrives, and every student has the opportunity to reach new heights of mathematical understanding and achievement.

What You’ll Learn at RU

The Secondary Education programs in Biology, English/Language Arts, History, and Mathematics lead to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Each program is accredited by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and leads to teaching certification in the state of Georgia.

Each program of study is developed from the program major with a strong integration of professional education studies emphasizing differentiated instruction and assessment as its approach to preparing secondary and P-12 teachers for today’s schools. A broad range of field experiences in area public school systems are found throughout each program. These experiences are designed to provide a real context where secondary and P-12 candidates learn how to work effectively with young adolescents and their diverse needs in classroom learning environments.

Each program of study has two major opportunities where candidates have in-depth classroom experiences. The Clinical Practice courses and Clinical Residency provide a rich opportunity where secondary and music education candidates are supervised by an experienced collaborating teacher from the public schools to guide their development as teachers. Each program is completed with a semester of Clinical Residency, a full time supervised experience in an area public school classroom.

Math Education Classes You’ll Take

  • MAT 121 Pre-Calculus (4)
  • MAT 220 College Geometry
  • MAT 221 Calculus I (4)
  • MAT 231 Introduction to Logic and Set Theory
  • MAT 321 Calculus II (4)
  • MAT 330 Discrete Mathematics
  • MAT 450 Senior Seminar in Mathematics

Careers in Math Education


Average salary for high school teachers as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Math Education Program Details

Tuition and Fees

Reinhardt’s affordable tuition helps you get the personal attention and real-world experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly all students at Reinhardt University receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. Find out what options you may be eligible for.

Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations and activities round out the total educational program at Reinhardt University. And there is something for everyone, from sports and outdoor recreation, to student government and leadership opportunities, to multicultural and faith-based groups.

Campus Living

Living on campus is an essential part of the college experience and will help you adjust to college life. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with faculty and friends, get involved in activities, and have easy access to classes, the library, performing arts, recreational, and athletic facilities.