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World Languages and Cultures Programs at Reinhardt University

College of Humanities, Sciences, and Technology
Bachelor | Hybrid | On Campus | Online

Do you have a gift for learning languages? Are you interested in using and speaking those languages with native speakers? If so, the World Languages and Cultures Program would be a good fit for you.  

At Reinhardt you’ll get an in-depth study of the Spanish language and its speakers, a working knowledge of French, some grounding in the broader study of culture, and experience in interacting with native speakers. 

This breadth of coverage makes our program unique among the language programs offered at private colleges in North Georgia and elsewhere.

What You’ll Learn at RU

Graduates of the program will be prepared for further language study in graduate school or any profession requiring the practical ability to speak second and third languages. In a multilingual world and nation, the opportunities for people with such talents are rich and varied. 

Our program’s caring and highly experienced faculty will help you acquire speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in not one but two languages. As you build linguistic and cultural abilities, you will also develop the soft skills employers consider critical in today’s job market: problem-solving, critical thinking, empathy, active listening, cultural competence, and awareness of yourself and others.  

Certificate of Language Ability

A Certificate of Language Ability is a professional asset for students in a variety of majors, including Education, Nursing, and Business. In disciplines with highly structured programs in which adding a minor or another major is a significant challenge, a certificate allows students to showcase a language achievement. Further, it will be recorded on the student’s official transcript after the student completes the requirements and applies for the certificate.

Students may apply for a Certificate of Language Ability after successful completion of four (4) courses in a single foreign language. The courses must be at the 200-level or above, with at least two (2) courses at the 300-level. Two of the 300-level courses must be taken at Reinhardt University. The student must earn an “A” or “B” grade the first time the course is taken for it to count. All certificate-seeking students must complete the admission process at Reinhardt University prior to beginning courses. Contact the Program Coordinator of World Languages and Cultures for more information.

World Languages and Cultures Classes You’ll Take

Here are a few of the WLC classes you might take while pursuing your degree:

  • American Sign Language (Beginning levels I, II)
  • Mandarin Chinese (Beginning levels I; II)
  • French (Beginning & Intermediate levels)
  • Spanish (Beginning & Intermediate levels)

Here are a few of the classes you might take for a minor, certificate of language ability, or a concentration in Spanish:

  • Spanish for Business
  • Practical Conversation
  • Composition
  • Culture and Civilization of Spain
  • Culture and Civilization of Hispanic America
  • Survey of Literature of Spain
  • Survey of Literature of Hispanic America

[The Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas gifting] project opened my eyes to the fact that I can fill a need just by having a conversation with a person in their own language…This was such a beautiful experience and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I am looking forward to being involved in more projects to help the wonderful families in the community.

Abigail Cataño, Accounting, Class of 2019, Waleska, GA

Careers in World Languages and Cultures


Median wage reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


Highest predicted growth rate was for interpreters, translators from 2022-2032

Possible Careers

A bachelor’s degree in languages significantly impacts careers in areas including education, business, social services, law enforcement, healthcare, entertainment, media, and government. A few specific examples are:

  • Missionary
  • Border Patrol Agent
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Journalist
  • Foreign Language teacher
  • Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Court Interpreter
  • Detective
  • Linguist
  • Diplomatic Agent

World Languages and Cultures Program Details

Tuition and Fees

Reinhardt’s affordable tuition helps you get the personal attention and real-world experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the World Languages and Cultures job market.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Nearly all students at Reinhardt University receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. Find out what options you may be eligible for.

Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations and activities round out the total educational program at Reinhardt University. And there is something for everyone, from sports and outdoor recreation, to student government and leadership opportunities, to multicultural and faith-based groups.

Campus Living

Living on campus is an essential part of the college experience and will help you adjust to college life. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with faculty and friends, get involved in activities, and have easy access to classes, the library, performing arts, recreational, and athletic facilities.