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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The Scholars Program offers diversely talented students a loosely structured format in which to integrate, reflect upon, and communicate the significance of their Reinhardt experience. 

Students who receive top scholarships to attend Reinhardt University are invited to participate in The Scholars Program.  Scholars will have the chance to join a community of other engaged students and develop life-long friendships. In addition, every spring semester students will learn critical skills of reflection and analysis of their learning in The Scholars SeminarLearning alongside others in their cohort, Scholars will develop valuable skills that will help them articulate the significance of their Reinhardt experience and communicate it to other audiences.

What You’ll Learn:

As a result of the personalized attention and guidance the Scholars Program offers every Scholar throughout their four years at Reinhardt, students will be fully prepared for their post-graduation adventures. Upon completing the Scholars Program, students will be able to: 

  • identify the Reinhardt experiences that are personally, socially, and academically significant  
  • utilize critical reflection as a tool for recognizing, naming, and communicating learning 
  • demonstrate personal agency in making connections between diverse types of experience in order to question, enhance, and deepen significance 
  • articulate and communicate the results of their learning and reflection to a community 
  • actively structure a plan to implement their learning in their post-graduation lives