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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Reinhardt University deeply sympathizes with the Birmingham-Southern College community and is saddened by the news of its closure.

We are a comprehensive university grounded in the liberal arts and affiliated with the United Methodist Church. We are located in a scenic location just a few miles north of Atlanta. Our curriculum and degrees offered are rich in the humanities, sciences, technology, arts, music, dance, and theatre. We also offer a wide variety of athletics and student organizations.

Reinhardt will be offering generous transferability and scholarships to make the transition easier for BSC students.

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  • RU is a robust academic environment with degree programs similar to those at BSC. We offer summer, fall, and spring semesters.
  • Our Teach-Out and Transfer Agreements have been established with BSC so you can graduate on time.
  • If your desired program isn’t available, our Interdisciplinary Studies program allows you to tailor your education.
  • Our Scholars Program is directed by Dr. Amy Cottrill, a former BSC faculty member. She has a specialized and unique view that will certainly help you in your transitionary period from BSC to RU. The program will provide a way for you to connect with other academically focused students, support your endeavors, and prepare for your future outside of college.
  • We have dedicated admissions and academic advisors to help you understand your options at Reinhardt University.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Opportunities

  • BSC students are offered a minimum of a $9,000 annual academic merit award.
  • If your BSC current career GPA is 3.25 or higher, the offer increases to $10,000 annually for academic merit.
  • After the completion of a FAFSA, add Reinhardt to the school listing, then students may receive additional institutional aid.
  • BSC students may also participate in our Diverse Talents Scholars competition for additional institutional scholarships.
  • Additional talent scholarships may be offered in athletics, marching band, theatre, and music, and more.

Admission Steps to Reinhardt University

  • Present your official or unofficial transcript to the Office of Admissions.
  • We will provide you an initial offer of acceptance, estimated transfer equivalencies, and you will receive an academic scholarship offer.
  • To make it official, submit the online application by clicking here or scanning the QR code. The tuition deposit of $150 will be waived for BSC students.
  • Add Reinhardt University to your FAFSA (Code: 001589) for additional scholarship eligibility.
  • Once all final grades are posted, submit a final BSC transcript to the Office of Admissions. All high school transcript requirements will be waived for admissions purposes for all BSC students. Your admissions counselor will be in contact about the next steps to your path at Reinhardt!