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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Funk Heritage Center Field Trips

At the Funk Heritage Center, we pride ourselves on our programming. Whether you’re comparing and contrasting traditional Native American art styles or learning what on earth an adze is, students are encouraged to make connections and explore the past in thoughtful ways.

School tours may be arranged for groups of 20 or more.  The Center provides programs featuring Georgia’s Native Americans that will supplement and enhance classroom curriculum and understanding. Many of the revised social studies and science standards are incorporated into the tours according to grade levels. Advance reservations for group tours are required.

School field trip admission fees for students is $7. For the standard tour option, admission for adults is $10. Teachers are admitted free of charge with school ID. Discounts are available for Title I schools and Cherokee County Schools.  After tours, students may visit the Bennett History Museum Store (souvenirs from 50 cents).  Outdoor uncovered picnic facilities are available for 150 – 200 people.

Tour options are listed below. Make reservations by contacting our education coordinator at 770.720.5969.

Museum Tours: Tuesday-Friday

$7/student and $10/chaperone

This 1-hour program gives a tour of the Bennett History Museum with a focus on a topic of your choosing. Plan on being on-site for at least 1.5 hours to accommodate bathroom breaks & lunch.

History Alive! Wednesday & Friday Only

$12/student and $15/chaperone

This 2-hour program includes a museum tour of your choosing and 3 or 4 stations in our Appalachian Settlement. Plan on being on-site for at least 2.5 hours to accommodate bathroom breaks, walk times, and lunch.

Museum Tour Options

Tours that fulfill social studies curricula from the Georgia Standards of Excellence are indicated by their grade level.

The Cherokee & Georgia’s Early Days (2nd GSE)

What was it like living in present-day Georgia 600 years ago? What about 6,000 years ago? Discover how General James Oglethorpe communicated with the indigenous people, how the Cherokee came to have a written language, and more!

Comparing & Contrasting Indigenous Tribes (3rd GSE)

Everyone needs food, clothing, and shelter, but the environments greatly impacted the ways of life for indigenous people. Compare & contrast how different regions affected the way people lived and thrived.

Trail of Tears & Simple Machines (4th GSE)

Learn about the events leading up to the Cherokee Removal, what the journey was like for some of the people who walked it, and how the Cherokee Nation persevered and remains thriving today. Then spend time learning how simple machines make up the myriad of hand tools used to build America.

Customized Tour

Have something else in mind? Give us a call at 770-720-5970 and we will be happy to collaborate with you!