Campus Ministries

Developing students into servant leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

With Faith, Learning, and Leading as Reinhardt University’s guiding pillars, the Norman W. Paschall Office of Campus Ministries encourages everyone to participate in opportunities to love God and love others. Students can grow in their faith through small groups, worship opportunities and service projects. Campus Ministries also help students get connected to the local community through providing connections to local churches.


The main objective of Campus Ministries is to help students understand God’s love. We also want students to love God and love others. Every program, partnership, fellowship event, and service opportunity is built on these two objectives.

The main way we engage students to understand love is through worship opportunities. Common Ground is Reinhardt’s main campus worship gathering that gives students the opportunity to worship God with the fellowship of other believers. Common Ground takes place the 1st Tuesday of every month from 8-9pm. Common Ground is a welcoming and open space for all students and religious groups.

Additionally, throughout the school year, there are special worship services offered such as Opening Worship, Ash Wednesday, and the Easter Sunrise Service.


There are several opportunities for students to grow in their faith.

Bible Studies help guide student’s understanding of the Bible while also growing lasting friendships. Prayer gatherings offer opportunities for students to step away from the business of campus life and to focus on spiritual peace.

In addition, there are various ministry groups on campus with space to meet the spiritual needs of our students. All groups work with the Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service toward the unified spiritual mission of Reinhardt University.

One of the best ways to grow students can grow in their faith is through participating in our Campus Ministries Leadership Team. The Campus Ministries Leadership Team provides leadership for the spiritual development of students at Reinhardt University. This year-long commitment is a rewarding and fun experience. Student Leaders participate in leadership training once a week with the Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service. They also commit to leading a campus ministry area such as coordinating the Common Ground worship service or planning local service projects. Leaders commit to mentoring others in their faith by leading Bible studies and fellowship groups. To apply to be on the Campus Ministries Leadership Team please email the Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service at


Our Spring Break Mission Trips are challenging and rewarding experiences that take students out of their normal context to meet the needs of those in the region.

Our Fall Break Leadership Retreat is an opportunity for the Campus Ministries Leadership Team to grow in their connection with each other while also serving the needs of our local community.
Service is another aspect of Faith development. Campus Ministries offers opportunities through local projects and mission trips to meet the needs of others.


Love God

Worship is an important part of faith development. Bible studies, prayer gatherings, and Common Ground are ways Campus Ministries offer opportunities for faith development. Additionally, the university is invited to participate in special worship service opportunities such as Opening Worship, Thanksgiving Worship, the Easter Sunrise Service, and the Baccalaureate Service.


Love Others

Fellowship is important aspect of faith development. Campus Ministries offers opportunities for students to share life through gatherings, service projects, and retreats.



Josh Garner is the Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service. Josh is committed to helping students grow in their faith and experience the love of following Jesus. He can be reached at

Students have a place to stop and reflect just outside of the Burgess Arboretum on campus thanks to architect Garland Reynolds who donated the Reynolds Wayside Chapel. Photo by Jordan Beach

Policies and Documents

The Office of Campus Ministries encourages the spiritual development of all students and is focused on providing the space for students to feel welcomed and encouraged to grow in their faith.


Religious Policies

In order to maintain a healthy environment for religious life at Reinhardt University, all religious organizations must meet the requirements detailed by the Student Government Association, work cooperatively with the Coordinator of Spiritual Life & Service, and have a representative be an active member of the Campus Ministries Leadership Team. All groups must also have an accountability structure in place and will coordinate regularly with the Coordinator of Spiritual Life. All religious organizations and clubs are expected to foster and maintain an environment of mutual respect for all students and other clubs.

  • Any organization or group on campus that wants to host a religious guest or event must first gain approval from the Coordinator of Spiritual Life & Service.
  • Any para-church organization seeking relationship with Reinhardt University shall first gain approval from the Coordinator of Spiritual Life & Service regarding access to campus facilities and access to students, faculty, and staff. If approval is granted, organizations must remember they are guests of the Coordinator of Spiritual Life & Service and can be removed from campus if concerns arise.


Joshua Garner
Coordinator of Spiritual Life and Service
Reinhardt University
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, Georgia 30183
Office Phone: (770) 720-5928
Cell Phone: (478) 232-7037
Fax: (770) 720-5602