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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Welcome to Reinhardt University Marketing, a department offering a wide range of services related to print and online communications, news, and identity.

Our writing includes news stories with multimedia content, which appear on the University homepage and in the Reinhardt Recap which is distributed weekly through our Reinhardt email to faculty, staff, students, friends and alumni. Marketing also promotes University stories through press releases, media advisories, and personal pitches to media. Our writing and photography is also showcased in Reinhardt Magazine.

Submit a Marketing Request

University Marketing Request Form

Our staff create printed materials, digital campaigns and website support for clients throughout the University. This form should be used to request development of any new marketing communications materials as well as updating of existing materials. All fields on this form should be completed as fully as possible. This will help the University Marketing Office determine the level of support and type of communication needed for your project as well as the priority your project requires along with others in production.

Reinhardt University Social Media

Reinhardt University Facebook Pages

Millions of people around the world use Facebook every day to provide news, inform friends, upload photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people and organizations of interest to them. Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

Please consider “liking” these pages to know more about these Reinhardt units and the personalities, accomplishments and events which you may find interesting.

*If you would like your Reinhardt-related Facebook page to be considered for inclusion on this page, please contact The page must be related to an official Reinhardt department, unit or organization.

Brand Guidelines

The following brand elements are shown here as a reference for you in developing your University branded publications.


Type Family



  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines
  • Captions
  • Body copy
  • Side-bar text


  • Gotham Book
  • Gotham Medium
  • Gotham Bold
  • Gotham Black
  • Gotham Ultra
  • Gotham Book Italic
  • Gotham Medium Italic
  • Gotham Bold Italic
  • Gotham Black Italic
  • Gotham Ultra Italic



  • Main body copy
  • Headlines
  • Subheadlines
  • Captions
  • Pull-quotes

Use Archer Medium for main body copy. Use Archer Book sparingly. Its thin stroke weight works best for large size type.

  • Archer Book
  • Archer Medium
  • Archer Semibold
  • Archer Bold
  • Archer Book Italic
  • Archer Medium Italic
  • Archer Semibold Italic
  • Archer Bold Italic

Bodoni Poster Italic

Call-outs only

For large scale numbers or to emphasize a word. Do not use for main headlines, body copy, etc.

Knock Out

Numeric Call-outs only when space is limited. Works well within infographics when mixed with bodoni poster italic.

  • HTF26 JuniorFlyweight
  • HTF28 JuniorFeatherweight
  • HTF48 Featherweight

University Colors

For official University usage in logos, etc.

Reinhardt Gold

R0 G52 B104
C7 M35 Y100 K0


Reinhardt Blue

R236 G170 B0
C100 M62 Y0 K52