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New American History Timeline October 2019

For the past several years, the Funk Heritage Center has held the Georgia History Timeline each fall. This program has been a popular tradition, but it has been ready for an upgrade since curriculum changes to social studies occurred a few years ago. This year’s American History Timeline will be more inclusive, moving beyond just second grade standards and historical figures.

The Timeline will be held on October 9 and 10 in the Appalachian Settlement. For second graders, a pre-contact Indian, the Creek camp with Jim Sawgrass, Sequoyah, Mary Musgrove, and General Oglethorpe will be available. Standards met for second grade include: SS2H1, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS2CG3, SS2E3. Due to curriculum and number of presenters, second grade will not visit the “Colonial Village,” as it does not meet any standards.

Third grade will visit the pre-contact Indian and the Creek camp for SS3H1 about early American Indian culture and its development in North America. Students will then visit Hernando de Soto to learn about European exploration in North America (SS3H2). SS3G3 will also be covered in these presentations. In addition to these three historical stations, students in third grade may visit the “Colonial Village”. Here, they get a glimpse of life in the Georgia colony by observing and listening to various artisans. Students will learn about the life of women, children, and farmers during this period, which cover SS3H3 and SS3G3.

The study of American history continues with fourth grade by picking up with the American Revolution. For standards on this topic, Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin will be presenting for fourth grade students (SS4H1, SS4H2). The Civil War is also studied in this grade, so President Abraham Lincoln will inform students about his role in this war (SS4H5). Fourth graders may also visit the “Colonial Village” to learn about daily life in this period.

Admission for students is $12 and parents/chaperones $15. A mini-store will be set up outside with souvenirs from 50 cents to $8 and bottled water for $1. There is an open picnic area for lunch (no indoor eating facility available). Portable toilets will be set up outside, as the museum stays closed during this event. In case of inclement weather, parts of the program move inside. Call early to reserve a time for the American History Timeline. Spots will fill up quickly! Contact Riki Poarch at 770-720-5969 or Barbara Starr at 770-720-5967 for information and reservations.


New exhibit in the Buffington Gallery

“A Living Tradition” is the newest art exhibit featured in the Buffington Back Art Gallery. It was curated by retired executive director Dr. Joe Kitchens and includes paintings, clothing, pottery and sculptures from various Native American cultures across the nation. The Buffington Front Gallery has an exhibit of paintings by Native American women artists curated by Reinhardt University students Madeline Gray and James Gilbert. 

Trail of Tears Designation

The Funk Heritage Center is a certified National Park Service Trail of Tears interpretive center. Click here to visit the Hall of the Ancients to read more about our Trail of Tears exhibit.

The Funk Heritage Center is located on the  Reinhardt University campus in Waleska, Georgia.

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