Reinhardt University Marketing

Welcome to Reinhardt University Marketing, a department offering a wide range of services related to print and online communications, news, and identity. Broadly, these services include:

  • Tell and share Reinhardt's stories

  • Create print publications and websites

  • Maintain a unified University identity

  • Connect with internal and external audiences


Tell and share Reinhardt's stories

Our writing includes news stories with multimedia content, which appear on the University homepage and in the Reinhardt Recap which is distributed weekly through our Reinhardt email to faculty, staff, students, friends and alumni. Marketing also promotes University stories through press releases, media advisories, and personal pitches to media. Our writing and photography is also showcased in Reinhardt Magazine.

Create print publications and website support

Our staff create printed materials, digital campaigns and website support for clients throughout the University. Click here to connect with us for your marketing needs.

Maintain a consistent University identity

University Marketing maintains guidelines for usage of the University logo and other identity elements. Official templates, stationery, and logo files can be downloaded from this site. View all identity guidelines and files.

Connect with internal and external audiences

In addition to our news and publications, Reinhardt University Marketing uses a variety of communications to connect to members of the University community and the community-at-large. Internally, digital communicators can connect with us here through our online form to develop marketing and communications materials. More broadly, the University uses social media to stay connected.