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Reinhardt University’s Office of Admissions isn’t shy talking about what its staffers are thankful for, as it has been shouting it daily across social media.

“This is our third year of doing this campaign,” said director of admissions Lacey Satterfield. “We post a photo a day each day leading to Thanksgiving, and then have a group photo for Thanksgiving Day.”

Using the hashtag #RUThankful, Admissions employees have been sharing their thankfulness with their social media followers.

“We try to keep the ‘thankful fors’ diverse so we can tell a good Reinhardt story over the course of the 10 days that we do it,” Satterfield said. “This year, we’ll be able to tell about our new international student population growth, open house events, work-study program, athletics, the new nursing program and faculty mentors on campus.”

Some of the “thankful fors” include Lynn Chopps thankful post about working in such a great environment.

“I am thankful for a loving and caring work environment,” she wrote on the poster she holds in her social media picture.

Admissions Counselor Julie Kirk said she was thankful for being able to support the many student-athletes. Her post came between the Eagles’ football win over Southeastern University Saturday and what would be the women’s soccer team’s defeat of MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Kirk’s sign read, “I’m thankful I get to cheer on our talented student-athletes.”

The message is simple yet quite powerful. Social media can be used to reach those who Reinhardt might not otherwise know what is going on.

“Saying what we are thankful for is a great way to spread good news to our social media community. Through the power of social media, those messages can be shared and people who don’t know about us can see all of the great things happening at Reinhardt,” Satterfield said.

Show what you are thankful for this holiday season and tag it with #RUThankful.

Happy Thanksgiving from Reinhardt University!