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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By: Amber Evans

Reinhardt University strives to prepare its students for post-grad life and future academic opportunities. This is evident in graduating seniors pursuing respectable careers or enrolling in prestigious post-undergraduate educational programs.

Tripp Wickard, a recent Spring 2021 graduate, is pursuing the latter and attending the renowned American University. He will join the School of International Services and its master’s program in Global Governance, Politics and Security.

During his attendance at Reinhardt, Wickard was a student of many academic disciplines. He majored in American History while pursuing a minor in Pre-Law/Political Science and English Literature. Aside from academic endeavors, he was involved in the Student Government Association (SGA). He held many roles in SGA from student senator during his underclassmen years to Chief of Staff in his senior year.

“My professors at Reinhardt always allowed me to go beyond the assigned work in the classroom, and in doing so, I was able to learn more than was required for my courses,” shares Wickard regarding how Reinhardt has prepared him for such a prestigious program.

He thanks his Reinhardt community for providing him with the tools to become a better student and develop a fervent passion for learning. Reinhardt University prides itself on the close relationships between professors and students as an academic establishment focused on the success of our students.

When asked what professor made the most impact on his academic career, Wickard cited Dr. Kenneth Wheeler.

“He pushed me to go beyond the reading and to think critically about the world around me,” Wickard said of his experience.

The Reinhardt community is very proud of Tripp Wickard, now is your time to soar!

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