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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Stanlee Logue

It was in a sales class that a graduate of the McCamish School of Business & Professions and former Eagles football captain found his calling.

Stan Logue graduated in 2019 with Magna Cum Laude honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. Logue explained how everything seemed to fall into place for him while attending class one day. “We had a speaker from Federated Insurance. He was a really cool guy, polished and professional, and he explained they had a position for one person to have the opportunity of a lifetime.” The two stayed in touch and Logue joined the company a year later.

Within four years of graduation, he has quickly proven himself at Federated Insurance, helping business owners to protect their assets and legacy. He progressed from Marketing Trainee to Marketing Representative and is now an Account Executive. Currently based in Atlanta, Logue is responsible for clients and industry partnerships in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. He represents the company by speaking at conventions and trade shows to educate business owners on risk management and financial protection.

The culture of his company, which includes their investment in their employees and world-class training program, is appealing to Logue. It offers him flexibility, stability, and financial reward. He can’t imagine having taken another path, “Without being an athlete and making good grades at Reinhardt and without taking Professor Beck’s class, my life would be completely different. Who knows what turn my life would have taken, if I had gone somewhere where I was just another number.” The McCamish School of Business & Professions also gave Logue exposure to real-world case studies and helped him create a resume that drew attention to the skills and work ethic he had acquired.

While at Reinhardt, Logue played fullback and was captain of the Eagles football team. He was part of three winning seasons and played in a championship game before knee surgery sidelined him for his senior year. He stayed with the team as a student coach. A Cherokee County resident, he chose Reinhardt so he could play football close to home. He received both a football and an academic scholarship.

Logue has advice for Reinhardt business students, “Have fun, but also take the next four years extremely seriously. Make the best grades that you can, get to know your professors, ask them for help, and start building relationships around campus. Do everything in your power to have a summer job or internship that shows your business side. Set yourself up and work hard while you’re in school, to separate yourself from other people and get ahead of the game. Don’t start trying to figure out what your career is going to be when you’re about to graduate. Start looking for opportunities beforehand, so that when you graduate, you already have a plan.”