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Lehigh Carbon Community College

From left to right: Mandy Cantrell, Montavious Bridges, Dale Morrissey, Cheyenne Steptoe, David White; Seated: Dr. Robert Keller.

Jasper-based Atlantic Coast Conservancy recently offered a generous donation to benefit Reinhardt students from Pickens County.

The Atlantic Coast Conservancy has supported the Pickens Scholars program since its inception in 2017.

“Atlantic Coast Conservancy, Inc. continues to provide funding for upper-level education for local students in Pickens County. We are proud to support students attending Reinhardt University,” said Dr. Robert Keller, Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Coast Conservancy.

The organization provides 21st century solutions and scientific applications for the conservation of critical natural resources in the face of the changing climate, focusing on the Southeastern United States. They specifically utilize geographic information systems applications in land conservation, ecosystem services, carbon sequestration and conservation biology.

“Reinhardt greatly appreciates Dr. Keller’s and Atlantic Coast Conservancy support because it further educates local students who will be future leaders of our community or other communities in their paths,” said Dale Morrissey, senior director of community engagement.

Pickens Scholars at Reinhardt University is a scholarship program specifically for Pickens County residents. The program helps fund the University’s Pickens County Grant Program, which provides eligible students the opportunity to receive a scholarship during their four years at Reinhardt University.

To learn more, visit our website or contact Dale Morrissey at, or 770.720.5506.

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