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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Rain and heavy wind would not stop Reinhardt University from celebrating Spring Day April 6, as festivities continued in the Brown Athletic Center gymnasium.

Spring Day is an annual day in April when classes are cancelled and students can have fun before the busiest time of the year arrives.

“It gives students a break from classes during the month of April because all papers and tests are due,” student Bill Hess said.

Hess won Student Government Association Treasurer later that day.

Multiple booths were set up, hosted by different clubs displaying what they were all about. Beta Beta Beta (Biological Honor Society) gave students a glance at a few of the snakes kept in the Biology Department. While other clubs, such as the Anime Club, hosted a tournament of Nintendo’s Super SmashBros, a video game where different characters from Nintendo games battle against each other.

Inflatable games also were there for Spring Day, including jousting, basketball and Twister. One favorite inflatable made a returning appearance:  Students had the opportunity to sit in the Big Red Chair and get their picture taken for free.

“The Big Red Chair is one of my favorites because I’ve taken a picture in it every year with different people,” Residence Life Coordinator Flor Martinez said.

Food was provided by Metz Culinary Management and featured a variety of different barbecue, vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and an assortment of desserts.

“The macaroni and churros were great. Reinhardt has really great food for a small college,” Amy Gordon said. Gordon was visiting for the first time with a Reinhardt student.

Spring Day is a time that students look forward to in the spring because despite all the stress and chaos of exams and upcoming graduation, they can count on that one day designated for them to wind down. It is a Reinhardt tradition that some students hold dear to them because of the memories that they make.

“I like to hang out with my friends,” Aleah Cooper said, gesturing to the people she loves to be around most, some of who were celebrating Spring Day for their last time at Reinhardt.

The semester will culminate over the next few weeks with projects and final exams, and commencement is set for Friday, May 5.