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Lehigh Carbon Community College
Pictured from left: Arat Joanico, Jacob Sollars, Caitlin Dzirson

By Suzy Alstrin

In a remarkable feat, a team of Reinhardt students earned the title of Industry Champion and scored third in a global competition against over 15,000 other teams on 242 campuses worldwide. Arat Joanico (RU-2025) Jacob Sollars (RU-2026), and Caitlin Dzirson (RU-2025) worked together in a strategy simulation game called GLO-BUS (global business), creating a fictional company that manufactures cameras and UAV drones, and making business decisions that focus on international markets and competition.

The teams’ performances are additionally scored weekly, and this group earned additional rankings in the top 100 several times this semester. Dr. Tony Daniel instructs their Strategic Management class and boasts that five teams collectively scored in the top 100, a record-breaking 41 times in the fall 2023 semester.

“Success in the game requires strategic thinking, analysis of industry trends, and effective execution of business strategies over multiple simulated years,” explained Joanico. “The goal is to outperform rival companies in terms of financial performance, market share, and overall company reputation. Throughout the simulation, our team diligently focused on developing strategies and making decisions aimed at success in the global marketplace such as product design, marketing, production, distribution, finance, and corporate social responsibility.”

This engaging exposure to real-world business applications can be utilized throughout the students’ future careers. Joanico and his teammates delved into offering competitive wages, research and development, loan repayment, investments, plant safety, and fostering a positive workplace environment. Even beyond that, he says, “It also fosters teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills as participants work together to navigate the complexities of running a business in a competitive environment.”

Dr. Tony Daniel (4th from left) and his Spring 2024 Strategic Management class