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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The start of 2018 brings many changes to Reinhardt’s campus, including new parking requirements due to new building construction and renovations. All changes take effect immediately.

The Gordy Dining Center renovation has begun and the parking lot nearest the facility is closed. Construction crews have had to use parking at the Hubbard, Blue and Gold Residence Halls, leading to changes in parking locations and designated lots.

“Several months ago, a committee was formed to mitigate parking concerns on campus. When the data was analyzed, it was determined that we have enough parking in every lot to accommodate closing down the Gordy Dining Center lot during construction,” said Jay Duncan, director of public safety. “The format (listed below) should reduce parking issues we saw last semester. We understand that this is not convenient for everyone, however, we ultimately feel that the plan is manageable during our time of growth.

“I want to thank you all in advance for complying with all parking changes. Please see the detailed map which identifies the new parking areas. We are available to discuss any comments or concerns with you. Please feel free to contact me,” Duncan added.

Commuter students have four parking options:

  • Brown Athletic Center gym and its adjacent gravel lot;
  • North Cherokee Church of Christ, located at the corner of Highways 108 and 140;
  • Bartow Street lot, located directly across from Burgess Administration Building; and,
  • Falany Performing Arts Center.

Residential students living at Hubbard Blue and Gold have four parking options:

  • The “Gold” lot behind the building;
  • Fincher Visual Arts Building, other than in spaces marked “Reserved;”
  • East/West Apartments; and,
  • Funk Heritage Center.

Students living at Cobb and Gordy Halls should continue parking where they have been, noting that nine spaces in the lot have been designated for visitors only. Violators of those spaces will be towed. Duncan said residential students must remain in their designated lot 24 hours a day.

The lot at the Isherwood Field House is for staff and injured athletes only and requires a parking pass from the Department of Public Safety.

All faculty and staff parking remains the same, and Public Safety is asking for assistance in identifying students violating parking regulations in faculty and staff lots. Visitors invited to campus should register their vehicle with the Department of Public Safety, which has officers available 24 hours a day, every day.

Duncan asked motorists on campus to be mindful of any spaces blocked by barriers or cones, as vehicles not authorized for those spaces will be towed.

“Periodically, Public Safety receives requests to reserve parking spaces and/or lots for events. We make every effort to ensure these are clear for guests. If you see cones or barricades in a parking space or blocking a lot, do not park in that area. Your vehicle will be towed,” Duncan said.

Parking regulations will be strictly enforced, and regular patrols will be conducted to make sure drivers are in compliance with the changes.

“Please remember the current policy allows for only three parking citations each academic year. After the third citation, your vehicle is subject to being impounded and your parking permit revoked,” Duncan said.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Duncan at (770) 720-5543.