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Lehigh Carbon Community College

  After visiting Reinhardt in the fall of 2011, Carlos Guzman knew the University was right for him. He loved the beauty of the green campus and the small class sizes. “The small classes are important because you get to know the professor and the professor gets to know you.  The education is more tailored to you. You’re more than just a number.”

Experiencing all the University has to offer

Guzman, a general business major, receives a full tuition scholarship from the Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund for students of Latino or Hispanic descent. The scholarship has inspired him to maintain a 3.95 grade-point average, but it isn’t the only factor that has helped him succeed academically. He credits Reinhardt’s atmosphere for keeping him focused. He has felt challenged to go the extra mile and think outside the box to improve both academically and socially.

As a freshman, he moved into Glenn & Marjorie H. Hubbard Hall. He believes that living on campus as an underclassman is an important part of the college experience because it helps students “get to know the university and build friendships and relationships. It is also important to get involved on campus and attend all the events the university has to offer,” he said.

Carlos has been a Student Government Association member, a resident advisor (RA) and a Reinhardt Captain (a student recruiter who assists the admissions office).  Because of his extracurricular involvement, he matured quickly. “While living on campus and being an RA, I was able to learn leadership, accountability and responsibility skills. It helped me gain hands-on experience and know what it was like to be responsible for 18 other students, so it kind of made me grow up.”

The Value of Hardwork in the Classroom

Guzman believes that Tina Boosel, a business instructor, has contributed to his success. “She’s very knowledgeable, and she definitely tailors her classes for her students.  She will stay late just to make sure one of her students understands what is going on with the material. She gets us very prepared—even weeks in advance of an exam. She just goes above and beyond.”

Guzman also credits Boosel for helping him get a financial planning internship at Reynolds and Reynolds Financial Partners; he will become a fulltime employee with the firm after he graduates in spring 2016.   “I’ve had multiple classes with Mrs. Boosel; she’s the professor that has helped me get nine credit hours for my internship. She… would keep up with my progress for that class and help me with anything I needed. So, she’s really been a mentor to me and has been able to guide me through particular situations I’ve had at my office.”

“He has found his passion.”

Boosel has enjoyed having Guzman as a business major.  “I have had the pleasure of working with him in several classes over the past several years.  Carlos has always worked hard and offered meaningful input in discussions.  As the internship coordinator, I have also watched him grow and learn through his internship experience. He has found his passion and is now sharing all of his knowledge of financial planning and the expectations of a professional work environment with our classes.  His supervisor shared with me that he is often ‘first to arrive and last to leave.’  Carlos knows the value of hard work in the classroom and on the job.  I can’t wait to see what great things Carlos will achieve in his career.”