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Lehigh Carbon Community College

For many years, a mural painted on the side of the Cline General Store in Waleska welcomed residents of the City of Waleska, students and families coming to Reinhardt University and people passing through Waleska traveling west on Ga. 140.

Now, Reinhardt University has replaced that mural with a new sign on the east side of the historic store.

“Reinhardt University has always been proud of our connection with the City of Waleska,” said Reinhardt President Dr. Kina S. Mallard. “Cline Store is a symbol of a rich history of community citizens who join hands in our efforts for strong town and gown relationships. I am thankful for my friendship with Mayor Doris Jones and the Cline Family. They welcome and love our students and are strong supporters of the work we do at Reinhardt.”