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Lehigh Carbon Community College

The 2024 graduating class of Eagles soared at commencement today. Approximately 300 students completed their degrees at Reinhardt University this school year. Reinhardt’s President, Dr. Mark Roberts, presided at the event on May 3rd and Provost Dr. John Miles presented the undergraduate and graduate candidates.

Faculty and staff selected senior Ryan Patrick Neil to deliver the student reflection. He told his classmates, “Number one, Mindset is everything. Adversity in life is inevitable. It doesn’t matter what occurs, but how you respond to it. Number two, Attention to detail and effort will set you apart. The road to excellence takes discipline and dedication. Number three, Make the most of what matters the most. Your time is the most precious resource – invest in what matters.”

The Keynote address was given by Zaine Hedge (RU-2011), an attorney and Reinhardt alumni. He entertained the crowd with inspirational anecdotes relating to the theme, “You are capable.” He explained how as a student, Professor of English Joy Farmer compelled him to take a class that sounded challenging, but she saw his potential to succeed. He asked the graduates, “They know you’re capable. Do you know that too?”

After the students received their degrees, Alumni Board of Governors President Luke Williams (RU-2018) inducted them into the Alumni Association.