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Scholarship Recognition Celebration ’22

“Thank you to our donors! Your support means the world to us and to this institution,” said Mark A. Roberts, Ph.D., president of Reinhardt University. This sentiment echoed across the Hoke O’Kelley Auditorium Tuesday at the annual Scholarship Recognition Celebration. For the first time in two years, students, faculty, and staff gathered with scholarship donors to express deep gratitude for their support.

Scholarship Recipient, Avanni Sykes, ’23

“This is one of the events we love because it brings our Reinhardt family together. It brings our donors and our students to the same table for meaningful conversations and connections,” said Roberts. While getting to know one another, Reinhardt talent took center stage with breathtaking performances from Junior vocal performance major Avanni Sykes and senior musical theatre major Trevor Watkins.

Nursing student Vuyelwa Vanessa Jele ’25 expressed heartfelt appreciation to those who are helping her reach her dream of becoming an anesthesiologist, noting that contributions from donors ensure that students have better lives. “My scholarship relieves my financial stress which helps me be mentally stable. With mental stability, I can strive more and achieve my goals.”

Torie Williams ’22, a sports studies major agrees. “School can be expensive. I am so thankful to our Reinhardt donors and for my scholarships because they have helped me achieve an education – debt free. It’s not often that you get to look someone in the eye, shake their hand and thank them for what they have done for you, especially when it comes to scholarships. I hope all the donors see that Reinhardt students are doing great things with these gifts they’ve been awarded!”

Scholarship recipients, Tori Williams and Sam Stout

Scholarship recipients Marie Blackmar, Sarah Townsend, Salvatore Riggi