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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Delainey Moore, ’25

Freshman Delainey Moore says caring for others through service is a family tradition. “As a family, we regularly participated in community service activities, like food drives. My favorite activity happened each Thanksgiving when we’d take two massive turkeys to a local homeless shelter. It was a really big deal for those we served – and for us.”

Through those experiences, Moore learned that she really enjoyed giving back to her community. “My parents taught me to care for other people the way you want to be cared for,” and she took that lesson to heart. She now plans to use that desire to care for others and pursue a degree in nursing.

Moore chose Reinhardt because the idea of a smaller university appealed to her. “One of the reasons I considered Reinhardt was the intimate setting with smaller class sizes.” Finding a school that supported her beliefs was also important. “I felt like Reinhardt’s affiliation with the Methodist Church would surround me with people on the same spiritual path. I wanted a school where I could thrive with my open religious beliefs and conservative values.”

Reinhardt is living up to Moore’s expectation. “I love my professors and the people I have met. My experience here has been great!”

Moore greatly appreciates her Sharp Scholarship. “I worked super hard in high school to achieve good grades, so that I could get the education I needed to pursue the career I wanted.” Receiving the scholarship is one way she can contribute to the cost of her education. “I am fortunate that my parents have been able to help me with tuition. They do so much for me, and I want to be able to contribute. The Sharp Scholarship helps me do just that!”