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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Devin Ware, ’23

When senior Devin Ware began their journey at Reinhardt, they had no idea where the road would lead. “I spent several years after high school working with my father in electrical construction. It was not a good fit for me,” Ware says.

Seeking a new path, Ware turned to Reinhardt, where their brother had attended school. Declaring “Writing is my passion!” it is no surprise Ware chose to major in creative writing. “When I was growing up, I thought writing was just a personal experience, not thinking of it as a career. Reinhardt is helping me make that career a reality.”

Ware says they have enjoyed their writing classes, publishing opportunities in the literary magazine, “Sanctuary,” and making friends. But Ware says the highlights of their Reinhardt experience have been learning about Tennessee poet George Scarbrough and working on campus as an intern, archiving materials in the Scarbrough Center for Southern and Appalachian Literature.

Ware was first introduced to the work of Scarbrough by Donna Little, Ph.D., director of the Scarbrough Center and professor of English. “She thought I would be interested in George Scarbrough as a poet and shared an article she had written about him. From there, Scarbrough became a curiosity to me. The more I read his work and about his life, the more I came to admire him. It is very rewarding to help preserve his legacy.”

As an intern this past year, Ware participated in a Benton, Tennessee “pilgrimage” to see the places Scarbrough wrote about and where he lived. He also visited the archives at the University of the South, and spoke at the Scarbrough Symposium held on campus in June. Because of these experiences, Ware is now considering a graduate degree in library sciences, to accompany a career in writing, and prepare for a role in a library or literary archives.

“The experiences I have had here, especially with the Scarbrough Center, have afforded opportunities I never could have imagined. Reinhardt has presented me with knowledge, experiences, and opportunities to rebuild my life – the way I want to live it.”