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Lehigh Carbon Community College


In six weeks, the Reinhardt University campus will be teeming again with student life. The university is proud of the diversity the students possess. A shining example is alumna Dr. Elizabeth Gibson.

Dr. Gibson is now a Senior Research Investigator in Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics at Bristol Myers Squibb. She helps lead the design of clinical studies, manages data, works with clinical teams, and helps with clinical trials. She also fills in as a pianist and organist at local churches.

Dr. Gibson credits her current happiness and pursuit of two diverse talents to Reinhardt, “I always had an interest in science and doing music on the side. The unique thing about Reinhardt, is it was the only school that would allow me to do both.” In 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor of Music with the organ, while having all the prerequisites to pass the PCAT test and get into pharmacy school. “The faculty mentors listened to what I wanted to do with my career and helped me get there, without question. They catered to my interests and my goals. So that’s why I enjoy the life I have now. I’m continuing my music but get to do my science every day.”

After Reinhardt, Dr. Gibson went on to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Lipscomb University and a PhD in Pharmacology from Vanderbilt University. Her work at Vanderbilt contributed to the first antibacterial drug approved in the last 20 years for urinary tract infections. She’s now working to find medications to help treat cancer without decreasing a patient’s quality of life with side effects.

For new students, Gibson has this advice, “Keep an open mind. If you’re not sure what you want to do, take different classes to see what you like. It doesn’t matter if it takes longer to get your degree. What’s important is figuring out your passion and what you want to do for the rest of your life. If you like what you do, you won’t feel like you’re working a day in your life.”