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Retirement for one Reinhardt professor emeritus consists of writing, speaking and other scholarly activities. Dr. A. Wayne Glowka taught for 40 years, including 13 years at Reinhardt where he retired in 2020 as dean of the School of Arts and Humanities.

Dr. Glowka’s enthusiasm for literature remains as strong as it did when in the classroom. In three years, he wrote four novels – a three-book series called Harry Mature and His Friends and a horror story, Hacking the Appalachian Trail (2022, independently published). The trilogy follows a man’s journey after retiring and becoming widowed. It is composed of the titles Trout and Other Mythical Beings (2021, independently published), The Taming of Wild Bill (2022, independently published), and the Book Club Ladies (2023, independently published).

Currently, Dr. Glowka discusses the life and works of English poet John Donne (1572-1631) at The Episcopal Church of The Holy Family in Jasper, Georgia. His five different sessions tie into Lent, and include discussing Donne’s hesitancy to become a priest, his preachings about love, repentance, death, and resurrection, his lyricism, and his work “Hymn to God the Father.”

While at Reinhardt, Dr. Glowka often included Donne’s poetry in his English 102 classes, saying it was fun to teach because it is complex to understand. He also fondly recalls playing bluegrass and old-time music on campus, and spontaneous performances by President Mark A. Roberts, PhD.

Dr. Glowka says it was exciting to participate in building new programs in World Languages and Cultures, launching the theatre program, watching the University Theater being built, and witnessing the growth of the performing arts programs, and the transition from a college to a university. He adds, “The first time I stepped on campus it was beautiful seeing Pine Log Mountain in the background and finding it was a school where you were free to pray, play, and to become who you wanted to be.”