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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Cindy Moss

Business instructor Cindy Moss knows the skills Reinhardt students must master for future careers. She strives to instill vital values in her students to guide them toward success in their careers.

One of those values is punctuality, which helps students develop a strong work ethic.

“My pet peeve is students being tardy or absent from classes,” said Moss. “I stress the need for being on time and in class because,” postulates Moss, part of being successful is showing up – when expected to do so.

Once a Reinhardt student herself, Moss understands what her students face, especially at RU, and she readily expresses her appreciation for her colleagues on faculty in the McCamish School of Business and Sport Studies.

“They are all willing to step in and help at any time if you need something from them,” Moss said.

Moss firmly believes the business program offers one of the most flexible degrees for students to pursue an array of occupations.

“It is a great starting point to go into most types of business or become an entrepreneur. The courses offered with a business degree will prepare students in management, marketing and accounting, all of which are assets in any area of the business environment.”

In addition to understanding course material, Moss hopes students know she cares for them and that they recognize her as a source of support. She enjoys seeing their progress, especially in personal finance.

“It is amazing to see how students start the semester with no idea how to create a budget, shop for a house, compare insurance or even start an emergency fund…at the end of the semester they have created a budget based on a realistic starting salary and then realize how much it cost to live on even a modest salary.”

Outside of work, Moss spends time with her husband watching their grandkids compete in sports. She also teaches water aerobics, one of her other passions.