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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach 

The impact Chip Campbell makes with students at Reinhardt University is already evident, and it’s only his first year as assistant professor of business. 

Campbell started teaching marketing and communication with the McCamish School of Business and Sport Studies, and his experience proves his qualifications to educate business students in a practical way. He spent 11 years in commercial insurance and surety/fidelity bond marketing and underwriting, and over 30 years in philanthropic/charitable fundraising in professional and volunteer positions. His resume also includes entrepreneurial experience, creating, developing and managing three organizations. 

All this knowledge and experience translated into his now 12 years of teaching in higher education. Despite being a newer faculty member at Reinhardt, Campbell already has bought into its mission. 

“I would express that the internal stakeholders at Reinhardt will endeavor to apply all available resources to the care of their child in an empathetic manner for a well-rounded education that will hopefully increase the probabilities of personal and professional success after graduation,” Campbell said when asked what he would express to incoming students and their families. 

Throughout his professional and educational careers, Campbell acquired several mentor relationships. In high school, it was the late Brother Joseph Donovan. His first golf mentor was the late Frank Mackel. Shelley Kresyman was his dissertation Chair, and Dr. Randall Chase was his first higher education supervisor. At RU, he looks to associate provost Dr. Jacob Harney, administrative assistant to associate provost Nydia Patrick and business instructor Cindy Moss. 

Just as mentors provided guidance in Campbell’s life, he connects his students with professional collaborations through his curriculum, creating a space for opportunities that surpass assignments. 

“Six Reinhardt students have received internships, and/or part-time/full-time jobs so far as a direct result of the academic and professional collaborations within the classes I have taught,” Campbell said. “For me, this is the magic that gives me fulfillment and meaning.” 

Forging those connections has become one of Campbell’s favorite parts of teaching at Reinhardt, including “making a difference in the lives of the students for their goals via the integration of 21st Century soft skills in the classroom and application/experiential learning through individual and learning team projects for external community organizations.” 

When in his courses, Campbell hopes his students see their potential opportunities. 

“They have opportunities to learn academic knowledge, apply and experience academic knowledge in projects for local organizations, and to enhance their personal resume’s and professional networking resources while still in school.” 

In his personal time, Campbell spends quality time with his adult children, attends live concerts, travels and plays golf, spending a decade as a golf teacher and club professional. He is also highly engaged in and loves serving his community through networking, civic and charitable organizations.