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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Dr. Lynda Chisholm

When it comes to teaching ways to educate, Dr. Lynda Chisholm wants her students to become teachers who inspire students to have a desire to learn.

Her childhood memory of assisting an illiterate woman in finding canned milk in a grocery store was a moment that moved her to love learning.

“For days I worried about how she would read her mail, and if someone would be around to help her the next time she needed help finding something on a grocery shelf,” said Chisholm. “Even now, I recall the sadness I felt for her and how unfair it was to be locked in such a negative position.”

Chisholm is an assistant professor of early childhood education and Master of Arts in Teaching program coordinator, and she hopes to never stop gaining knowledge.

“I have always had a thirst for learning, even if it is how to put my new push mower together. I truly believe that having the ability to learn is a gift for which we should be more grateful.”

The Reinhardt professor of five years carries her quest for information into the classroom, saying she wants her students to realize that every child and students deserves to be taught to their maximum ability to learn.

“Dr. Chisholm makes sure that we as students are learning to the best of our ability, and that we as future teachers understand the many aspects of teaching and helping students become the best they can be,” said junior early childhood education major MaKayla Newell.

Chisholm describes the mission of the Price School of Education (PSOE) as “training students to be lifelong learners,” saying it is a basic skill in making the world a better place now, and in the future.

“What we do in the PSOE promotes moving forward with a world that values and respects academic pursuits, the excellence of teaching and the commitment to acceptance of diversity and cultural difference.”