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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Dr. Melissa Arasi

Dr. Melissa Arasi, assistant professor of music and music education coordinator, arrived at Reinhardt University two years ago and has already made a lasting impact on her students.

“I wish for all my students to have an authentic understanding of what makes a good teacher and the understanding that the teacher is the most influential part of a child’s education. They can oftentimes make or break a child’s future.”

Arasi received a Bachelor of Music Education from Shorter College, a leadership certification from the University of West Georgia, and a Master of Music Education, as well as a Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning in Music Education from Georgia State University. With a full career in education, Arasi taught 14 years, and then supervised the performing arts teachers in Cobb County for 16 years. She taught at Georgia Tech, where she created a Women’s Choir, and she currently conducts the Atlanta Women’s Chorus.

Arasi has also done research on the benefits of lifelong learning and said, “This continues to be my passion as I believe our world is a better place when people pursue their joy and continue to learn throughout life.”

“Dr. Arasi is well-informed, kind, knowledgeable, insightful and helpful to every student. As a music education major, I know that any question or dilemma that I have can be solved by Dr. Arasi,” said sophomore music education and vocal performance major Slade Searcy. “Having been the Cobb County Supervisor of Performing Arts, as well as a former music educator, she has so much experience managing and teaching both students and teachers alike.”

When she isn’t building relationships with her students and inspiring them to be incredible teachers, Arasi enjoys playing golf and considers herself to be an avid CrossFit and Pilates junkie.

“I know that my future is in good hands with Dr. Arasi,” said Searcy.