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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach

In her 10th year at Reinhardt University, Dr. Reverie Berger continues to encourage her students to develop their skills independently, but always ask her questions.

Dr. Reverie Berger

Berger is an assistant professor of music for Reinhardt’s School of Performing Arts, a role she feels particularly lucky to have.

“I think most of us university professors are fortunate in that we get to teach things we enjoy, but I feel like we musicians are particularly lucky in that, every day, we get to live and share what has likely been our favorite pastime since we were children,” said Berger.

One of Berger’s college professors that made an impact in her life was her voice professor during her undergraduate and doctoral studies, Freda Herseth.

“She is the kind of teacher I always strive to be: positive, encouraging and devoted to helping her students give their music and texts the attention to expression they deserve.”

Berger works to apply these principles in the variety of courses she teaches at Reinhardt. With her diction classes, she hopes her students feel the passion she has for the subject and acquire the tools they need to be expressive singers of each language. In her voice lessons, she wants her students leaving her course feeling they have the knowledge to practice and improve their voice outside the classroom, however, they can still go to her with questions or problems.

“The thing I love most about being an applied teacher is getting to know each student so well, and I cherish each of the relationships I make.”

Work study student Jody McAlister contributed to this story.