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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach

Since 2003, Dr. Shawn Brown has been enhancing the knowledge of young educators at Reinhardt University who are pursuing a career in teaching.

Dr. Shawn Brown, professor of early childhood education

For Brown, professor of early childhood education, teaching is much more than a job and wants her students to truly enjoy the act of teaching.

“I believe that teaching is a calling. I can help you enhance your teaching skills, but I cannot make you have those skills,” Brown said.

One of Brown’s favorite classes to teach is Lifespan and Development from a Mulitcultural Perspective.

“I enjoy teaching this course because it is one of the first education courses that all teacher education majors are required to take, introducing students to what is developmentally appropriate for all ages of students.”

Brown may enjoy teaching students at the beginning of their journey towards becoming educators, but she also expresses an important takeaway in all her courses.

“I want students to take away that all students are capable of learning. As a teacher, you may need to find a way for the student to be successful, so they are able to reach their highest potential,” said Brown. “I also want them to take away that the schools and children will be very diverse and that they can be a positive role model for all their students.”

When she’s not providing wisdom and knowledge to future educators, Brown enjoys exercising, often early in the morning before her hectic schedule. She devotes her free time to her children.