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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By India Pilgrim

Dr. Tony Daniel

Dr. Tony Daniel has a goal of preparing students for the workforce to help them realize their purpose in life.

“My goal is to prepare students for the workforce. I want them to realize the importance of value to an organization and be clear as to how they will provide it,” said Daniel, associate professor of management. “Preparing them for a new paradigm shift from student to employee is a critical component of my guidance, coaching, mentoring and teaching my students.”

Daniel came to Reinhardt in Fall 2018 after several years teaching undergraduate and graduate level management classes at several other universities and colleges. He also brings more than 20 years of management experience to the classroom.

In addition to teaching, Daniel owns his own management development consulting firm where he helps analyze issues and implement solutions. He has also worked in school districts, churches, prisons and insurance agencies providing insight into the workings of each system, providing improvement of efficiency.

Daniel tries to translate the information and skills he’s learned over his career to his students in class. His favorite class to teach is Strategic Management, based on a simulation where students oversee a digital camera company in a global market.

During the global simulation, students compete with other teams in the class, as well as teams around the world. The students are ranked each week based on their decisions and the competitive environment. To rank high, students must combine their knowledge of various topics and courses they’ve completed prior to taking this class.

“The positive point of this course is that it is requires use of a variety of information the students have gained throughout their coursework at Reinhardt, such as management, marketing, production, and operations and strategic management,” said Daniel.

Daniel has had students place in the top 100 teams ranked in the world on several occasions throughout the weeks the simulation is in process. The reward for being ranked highest at the end of the semester is a trophy, which is something Daniel implemented himself to recognize the winning team.

In order to keep his class engaged and add value to the theoretical concepts, Daniel makes sure to include many examples and personal stories in his lectures. All of Daniel’s experience creates a unique learning environment where he can help students realize their values, passion and prepare them for their future after school.

“Providing a solid balance between practical application and theoretical concepts provides me with a unique ability to help students understand management and organization theories while providing solid application knowledge,” Daniel said.

In his free time, Daniel wrote “Succeeding on Purpose: Strategizing Your Success Through Finding and Living Your Purpose,” a book to be released early this summer. He enjoys watching football, and baseball, as well as playing golf as often as possible. Daniel is also a musician in a local band who plays contemporary Christian music with a southern rock flavor.