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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jack Haller

Nadine Basta’s wide realm of expertise in the world of computer science translates into innovative teaching as she looks to integrate new labs and teach different techniques to guide her students and peers.

Between making her mark in six publications, speaking at conferences regarding computer science and 12 years of experience as a professor at multiple institutions, Basta carries a plethora of knowledge that is prevalent in her teaching.

“Professor Basta has done a great job sharing her knowledge during class,” said Thomas Brumbeloe ’23, cybersecurity major and former dual-enrollment student. “Being able to relate class material to real-world applications has made learning much simpler and more enjoyable.”

Basta spent time in Canada with a construction company called LaFarge. Here, she developed and implemented a software on construction material plants. Once finished, she provided user training to ensure the workers understood the software. This process is where she discovered her passion for teaching.

The assistant professor of mathematics and cybersecurity has been a part of the Reinhardt family since 2015 when her husband’s job brought them to Georgia. With its community and vast selection of degrees, Basta knew Reinhardt was the perfect fit for her before she even started.

Basta enjoys teaching Cyber Attacks and Penetration Testing more than any other class. This course covers the distinction between hackers and penetration testers while keeping up to date with the newest methods of both.

“It challenges the students and prepares them to identify and deal with the different hacking techniques,” said Basta.

In all her courses, Basta looks for ways to help students have an in-depth yet general understanding of computer science while simultaneously opening up multiple doors for them to select their desired pathway.

“I want my students to have a robust foundation of information technology, cybersecurity and penetration testing to be able to identify the field they will enjoy.”

Basta is able to cover all categories of the subject by incorporating three main sections of a program called Cyber Security Lab. She uses Testout, which allows the students to receive a conceptual understanding; Infosec, or a focus on the different coding languages; and Practice Labs Systems, a more advanced lab that focuses on the technical side of computer science.

Basta received her education from the University of Alexandria in her home country of Egypt. She earned her bachelor’s degree in special mathematics in 1998 as an honors graduate and her master’s degree in computer science in 2001. She is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Computer Science in Business and Cybersecurity.

On top of her other achievements, Basta also had the honor of writing Shorter University’s first degree offered in Information Technology during her time there from 2012-2015.

When Basta isn’t teaching, she enjoys spending time with her children, riding horses, playing tennis, walking, cooking and mentoring the upcoming generation through a program called “InsideOut” at the church she attends.

“I love serving teenagers as well as young adults. I enjoy becoming their friend as well as leading them by example rather than being an adult around them, which gives me a chance to guide them through their lives.”