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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Peter Bromstad

Before arriving at Reinhardt in 2003, Peter Bromstad ’94 ’96 gained 33 years of accounting proficiency – something that contributes to his ability to teach Reinhardt students studying accounting informed by real-world experience.

“Let’s face it—some accounting concepts can be rather dry,” said Bromstad. “I rely on my real-life, hands-on experience to cut through some of the academic jargon and present issues in terms that, hopefully, make them easier to understand.”

What started as a six-week assignment as a temporary controller has turned into a 16-year teaching career at Reinhardt.

“Never in a million years did I believe the little college that granted my undergraduate degrees in the 1990’s would have me on the payroll all these many years later.”

Bromstad believes the accounting concentration in the McCamish School of Business & Sport Studies teaches valuable information for all industries.

“The accounting concentration allows students to learn the financial concepts, skills and technology necessary to be a successful accountant.”

While he hopes some of his students will enter the accounting field, his courses prepare students for a career in business.

“All will be entering a diverse world in which they may manage and/or own a small business, or join a corporation, large or small. Regardless of their career choice, I want them to remember that accounting is ‘the language of business.’ Like any language, it may be challenging to learn but it is essential for success in the corporate world.”

Off campus, Bromstad enjoys travelling the world, taking at least two trips a year, or relaxing in his Florida condo.

“I have visited two dozen countries and all seven continents. Yes, it was cold in Antarctica and no, there are no polar bears there!”