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Lehigh Carbon Community College

By Jordan Beach

Across the nation, overseas and right here in Waleska, Madeline Gray took advantage of Reinhardt’s many academic opportunities and created some of her own.

Madeline Gray ’18

Gray ‘18 was the first recipient of the Engaged Learner Award at the 2019 Evening of Honors, an award given by the Center for Innovative Teaching and Engaged Learning (CITEL).

Although unable to attend Honors Night to receive the award in person, Gray was nonetheless excited to be honored with the title.

“When I heard that I had won the award, I was so surprised and overjoyed. It means a lot to be recognized for the work that I did, especially because I did it all because I wanted to learn, not because I thought I would reap a reward,” said Gray. “I’m so proud of the work I was able to do at Reinhardt University, and I am so grateful for my advisor, Dr. Anne Good, and for the support that Reinhardt has given me.

“If not for that support, I never would have been able to have had the experience that I did at Reinhardt.”

Gray’s learning engagements certainly lived up to the honor. Following her second year at Reinhardt, she spent a summer in Stirling, Scotland studying abroad, an experience she forged for herself.

The 2018-19 school year brought the Center to Reinhardt University, and it has already made an impact on student’s college careers. Gray’s joint research with Dr. Anne Good was awarded the first CITEL grant, one that took the pair to Washington D.C. to study original documents from the 18th century at the Folger Shakespeare Library. This project, along with several others, earned Gray the inaugural award.

As a history major, she took advantage of the Funk Heritage Center’s convenient location and accepted an internship, spending time as a professional historian by transcribing a number of 19th century documents. During her time with the Funk, she also curated an exhibit of paintings by two Native American woman artists.

Congratulations to Madeline on her award and her various achievements throughout her time at Reinhardt!