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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Reinhardt’s Women’s volleyball helps move freshmen into Eagles View residence hall.

Dr. Walter May, dean of students, believes students feel engaged on campus when they make meaningful connections with faculty or staff members, an experience initially received at New Student Orientation with SOAR and Eagle Bound that are carried into the First Year Seminar, making a significant impact on student persistence.

“For Eagle Bound weekend to be successful, student affairs works together with each department on campus, providing students a well-rounded experience to meet all their needs in preparation for their first year of college,” May said of the weekend of events leading up to the first day of class.

Early childhood education freshman, Reagan Cipollina, said First Year Seminar has given her a great look into Reinhardt University, learning the campus and traditions of the school.

“Even though I have only had a few classes so far, it has helped me learn more about campus and helped me adjust to my other classes,” Cipollina said. “I’m excited to see what this brings during the rest of the semester.”

No matter how many more students join the incoming class of freshmen each year, each aspect of Reinhardt remains a personalized experience, from visitors’ names posted on parking spots at the Admission House for their first tour of campus to First Year Seminar, ensuring students receive knowledge of everything they need to know about college.
May said the purpose of the First Year Seminar is to assist new students in making a successful transition academically and personally.

“The course offers students the chance to become connected to the many resources and opportunities on campus and shows them where they belong, while communicating the University’s expectations,” he said.

The First Year Seminar is taught by a variety of valuable campus resources, such as director of public safety, Jay Duncan, and campus pastor, Rev. Jamie Hudgins.

“The faculty teach in a way that helps students develop and explore various issues, and allows their perspectives to grow through coursework,” May said.

Both orientation and the First Year Seminar require many moving parts and helping hands to succeed. Fortunately, Reinhardt maintains students, staff and faculty that exude passion and commitment for the future generations of Eagles.