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Bill DeAngelis

Dr. William J. DeAngelis, former dean of Reinhardt’s School of Mathematics and Sciences recently published a peer-reviewed article for the Journal of Higher Education Management under the Reinhardt University banner. He served as dean and taught courses at Reinhardt from 2002 to 2015 and remains an active member of the State Bar of Georgia.

Despite being retired and enjoying family, fishing, church, and volunteer work in Florida, Dr. DeAngelis still has a passion for higher education legal issues, “I have always been fascinated by the legal underpinnings of the interaction among faculty, between faculty and administration, and between faculty and trustees.” His latest published article is titled, “Establishing a Fiduciary Relationship Between Faculty and Trustees and the Enhancement of Shared Governance.” He is thrilled his article was chosen for publication and that his insight into the importance of achieving shared governance in academia was recognized.

Dr. DeAngelis’ fondest memories of Reinhardt include interacting with students, teaching Introduction to Psychology, partaking in stimulating discussions with other faculty, working with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and other school deans, and having a feeling of accomplishment. He enjoyed having those opportunities, “I was able to gain a unique perspective as a faculty member, the Program Director for Psychology, a department chair, and the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences. This broad perspective allowed me to fully appreciate the richness of all the components that go into making Reinhardt such an outstanding academic institution. As a church-affiliated university, Reinhardt does an excellent job producing educated, well-rounded, decent citizens who will make Georgia a better place.”