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Sharp Scholar interviewees enjoyed time in the President’s Home with Reinhardt President Dr. Kina S. Mallard. Photo by Jeff Reed

Reinhardt University welcomed a record number of candidates, 114, March 2 for the Sharp Scholarship Interview Day.

The Interview Day connects high-achieving rising freshmen with faculty and current students to provide a taste of the Reinhardt experience. The process identifies future campus leaders in the classroom and beyond; many Sharp Scholars join honors societies and lead clubs and organizations.

“This is our highest-yielding admissions event,” said Reinhardt University Director of Admission Lacey Satterfield. “Last year, 84 percent of the students who came to campus and interviewed for the Sharp Scholarship came to Reinhardt. Then, when those students get here, we see them involved as Reinhardt Captains, as RAs, with SGA and things like that. Outside of the classroom, they contribute in a lot of ways, and in the classroom.”

The selection process allows students who have already received academic scholarships to compete for additional funds ranging from $2,000-$5,000. Candidates spend the night on campus, participate in interviews and meet faculty members, including President Dr. Kina S. Mallard for a dessert reception in the President’s Home.

University Provost Dr. Mark Roberts spoke to the group of 114 Sharp Scholar interviewees during the annual Interview Day March 2. Photo by Jeff Reed

“I have the great opportunity to meet with all the Sharp Scholar candidates in a teaching environment,” said University Provost Dr. Mark Roberts. “I give students more information about Reinhardt, its connection to our community, why that’s beneficial to them and give concrete examples of student and faculty achievement. I also spend time getting to know the students, allowing them to express any fears that they might have about going to college.”

The Sharp Scholarship began in fall 2016 to benefit a diverse set of students with unique talents. The number of candidates this year increased by 70 percent compared to last year.

“This year, the candidates were especially engaging: The students asked questions, made astute comments and observations and expressed themselves with clarity and conviction. It’s an excellent set of candidates,” Dr. Roberts said.

Reinhardt will select next year’s class of Sharp Scholars by March 16 and hold a reception to recognize them on March 28.