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Lehigh Carbon Community College


CSS stands for the Center for Student Success, which is a tutoring center to help students struggling in all subjects including English, Math, Science, Foreign languages, and even music. Though some professors designate hours weekly to assist in tutoring, the CSS also consists of about 10 student tutors proficient in a range of subject specialties.

“What makes it successful is that it’s students helping students. I’ve been through what I’m teaching. I’ve been in that class, so I know what it’s like with the exams and the homework. I can help in a different way,” says CSS tutor Marta Vicente-Arche.

The CSS strives to accommodate all students by offering a flexible schedule ranging from the morning to the late afternoon. And for students who may feel intimidated by in-person tutoring, who may be a commuter, or who may even have a busy work schedule, the CSS has now started virtual tutoring sessions via Teams.

CSS tutor and Assistant Director, Stephanie Autry says “We don’t judge based on academic performance. If there is a problem, we want to help. We are prepared and educated enough so we can work with you in whatever you need.”

CSS tutor Bruno Squarcia says “Most college students don’t talk to each other that much. So it’s a way to connect and then make friends from different departments. If you have free time after class, just come by for 10 minutes and meet us. We’re students just like them, so we also struggle with classes.”

Meet Tutor Bruno Squarcia


Hometown: Valencia, Spain

Bruno is a senior Psychology major at Reinhardt who plays on the school’s Tennis team. Though an international student from Spain, he transferred from a small university in Kansas that had under 700 students in the middle of nowhere – no trees, no local towns, nothing. Coming to Reinhardt gave him not just a scenic environment in proximity to a major city, but it also gave him a larger community of other international students from across the globe. “I’ve always wanted to go back to Spain because I felt homesick… but now with this being my last year, I don’t want to go back to Spain! I’m having a good time here.”

In his free time, he loves watching movies, enjoying his alone time, and spending time with friends.

His tutoring specialties are Spanish and Psychology.

Meet Tutor Marta Vicente-Arche



Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Marta is a junior Cyber Security major who plays on the school’s soccer team. She’s also an international student from Spain. “At times I do miss my family in Spain. The food my mom cooks, my house, and feeling at home. But the community here is amazing. And it’s a good school overall. A great soccer field and team, faculty, and there are a lot of international students here so it’s very diverse,” says Marta.

In her free time, she loves traveling, vlogging, or documenting her trips through videos and photos.

Her tutoring specialty is Spanish. Though Spanish has nothing to do with her major, she prefers to tutor it because it’s her native language and she feels very comfortable doing so. More recently she was promoted to Student Director for the CSS, assisting weekly to better improve the process and experience of the center.

Meet Tutor Stephanie Autry



Hometown: Rome, GA

Stephanie Autry is a former Reinhardt graduate who is now an Assistant Professor at the University. As a CSS tutor since the fall of 2018, she has now recently been titled as the Assistant Director of the CSS.

“I actually went to RU for undergrad and then to get my master’s which I obtained in 2018. It’s been helpful being a former student because I know what they’re going through. It wasn’t that long I was in their shoes,” says Stephanie.

An interesting fact about Stephanie is that she was a member of marching band for 6 years from 6th grade to 12th grade. In her free time, she enjoys exploring nature and keeping her two cats out of trouble.

Her tutoring specialty is writing, and she often helps students with editing essays or developing thesis statements.

Meet Tutor Charity Robertson



Hometown: Waleska, GA

Charity Robertson is the Assistant Professor of Biology and the Director of the CSS at Reinhardt. Most people don’t know that she’s also a former Reinhardt student. Her father was a research scientist in Oklahoma who dreamed of one day working at a small university. He accepted a job at Reinhardt when Charity was in the 7th grade, and her entire family lived on campus during his employment.

Interestingly enough, Charity got her first job working at Reinhardt at only 13 years old – cleaning dorms, and then eventually working in the school’s greenhouse, planting chrysanthemums and poinsettias.

She enrolled in Reinhardt’s dual enrollment program during her junior year of high school.

In her free time, she loves going to antique stores and bookstores. She’s even owned a landscaping business and knows how to drive a bobcat. “I’m pretty good at demolition!”

Her tutoring specialty is Biology.