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Reinhardt University is proud to have Scott Wade as a graduate this May. With magna cum laude honors, he will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a minor in Creative Writing, just before his 55th birthday. He is also looking forward to the upcoming student art show, where his paintings will be on display.

Wade is one of only three seniors nominated for non-traditional student of the year. A wounded veteran, he served 12 years of active duty and received over 20 service medals and commendations. While at Reinhardt, he’s been active with campus veterans’ events and advocating for veteran resources, services and support systems.

Wade assisted in the development of Green Zone Training at Reinhardt, which educates teachers on how to talk to, teach, and support student veterans. In the past year, nineteen faculty and staff have completed training and are Green Zone certified.

Wade also knows the science of photography and calls it a specialized art. He served as a Naval Intelligence Photographer, working with Special Forces units to take intelligence photographs, and also served as an official photographer for the State Department. He was involved military operations in the Gulf War, including Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Provide Comfort. He also served in Somalia, former Yugoslavia, and was recalled to active duty after 9/11.

After an honorable discharge due to multiple military injuries, Wade managed a large security company and did photography of celebrities and bands. “I’ve done more things in my lifetime than the average 20 people have done. I’m hurt but I can’t complain. I’m still here. I wake up in the morning and carry on.”

For a slower pace and to tend to his injuries, Wade moved to northern Georgia. With the encouragement of his mother, he received vocational rehabilitation services from the Veterans Administration and enrolled at Reinhardt University.

“Reinhardt offers a friendly, small classroom environment that’s very conducive for veterans. It’s much more comfortable to be in a class with interaction and individual attention from teachers who are willing to go above and beyond,” Wade says. “The students have also been great and are very open.”

One of Wade’s teachers inspired him to minor in creative writing. He’s now turning declassified parts of his life stories and impressive photographic memory into a fictional book with a main character skilled in interpreting body language and intelligence gathering. He’s also considering pursuing grad school.

Wade hopes to stay involved in campus veterans services after graduation. “I hope the Green Zone continues on, because it’s a great university and I would encourage veterans to come here.”

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