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Lehigh Carbon Community College

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A graduating senior at Reinhardt University spent the past three months at the Georgia State Capitol for a noteworthy internship. Beatrice Blalock served as an intern in the offices of State Representatives J. Collins of Carroll County and Bill Werkheiser of Evans County.

Blalock commuted five days a week and says it was worth it. Collins and Werkheiser are Chairmen of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and the Industry and Labor Committee. She set up meetings, kept track of bills from beginning to end, watched laws being made in the legislative session, and utilized her legal background to do research projects for policy analysts.

While studying at Reinhardt, and for many years before, Blalock worked as a paralegal. She loved working in public defense but wanted to make a switch to a local level of politics and government. Since driving past campus in 1996, she knew someday she would attend classes there. Once her family was raised, she was able to focus on herself and her education.

The Capitol internship exposed Blalock to all types of government jobs. She’s particularly interested in lobbying and her favorite part was networking, “I got to meet a lot of people. I was able to ask how they got to where they were. It gives you an idea of what you need to do as well. They seem to love lobbying and have fun while believing in what they’re pushing.”

Blalock will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. She has a minor in International Relations. She says being in her 40s and around good people helped her succeed, “This was such a good experience. Being older is a benefit because maturity helps with focus level. I didn’t feel out of place. I don’t think I would have been able to survive at a large school. The students were wonderful to me, and I adore my advisor. He inspires me.” Blalock also highlighted her Reinhardt experience of visiting the Houses of Parliament in London during a summer school trip to London.

She looks forward to finding an exciting new opportunity after graduation, “I’m not expecting to be rich and famous, but I want to be able to leave this earth and leave even the tiniest mark and know I did well.”